Monday, November 17, 2014

Museum of Nature and Science

IMG_5013.jpgThe Museum of Nature and Science is a great place to have a membership when you have a large family. They welcome all of the children living in your home, and that includes foster children. When you have a membership it's great because you don't  feel like you have to see everything that  the museum has to offer because you can visit other exhibits at a later time.
IMG_5014.jpgWe met up with friends at the museum and while we were waiting we explored the space exhibit. We don't usually spend much time here because the children usually like going to the same places over and over. On this particular day we explored what life was life was like on different planets and saw a mock space walk area.
IMG_5017.jpgThe Discovery Zone opened in the spring and our children love this place. They can pretend to dig up dinosaur bones which is pretty much like playing in the sand.
IMG_5026.jpg  IMG_5024.jpg
This thing here was a team effort to move the balls down the obstacle.IMG_5039.jpg
IMG_5022.jpgThere was even  water station where you could build dams and control where the water went.
IMG_5040.jpgThe children were all soaking wet after a lovely time in this area.
IMG_5042.jpgWe also spend quite a lot of time in the Discovery Health exhibit. The children love tracking their progress with the little cards they are given. Elizabeth is measuring body temperature here.
IMG_5046.jpg IMG_5044.jpg
There's even an area  to measure your height and arm span. IMG_5059.jpgThe girls were sitting so still to get a heart rate measure while the computer discussed what a heart rate is all about.
IMG_5064.jpg IMG_5055.jpg
Making a skeleton move, and rock climbing were great fun and exercise all in one.
IMG_5067.jpgChecking out how your pupil changes in different light was also on the agenda, but we had a hard time figuring out how to use this machine.
IMG_5074.jpg IMG_5075.jpg
There was even a game you could play to see how relaxing your mind can move a ball.
IMG_5088.jpgOh! We saw some animals too! These walruses were huge.
IMG_5089.jpgThe museum is a great place to visit during the colder months. It will keep your children occupied for hours.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our First Band Concert


Last spring my Lutheran Stud began teaching our oldest how to read music and play the trumpet. As a side note, I have no musical ability whatsoever. I can't even read music. This means that I don't hear music the way most musicians do, clearly!

Being able to play the trumpet was a great accomplishment for Rebecca, but she never had the opportunity to play in a band with other people, so we enrolled her in band class at the local middle school. She currently rides her bike to school and has class for an hour and then rides home. We haven't decided what she'll do if it snows yet. School doesn't necessarily get canceled because of a little snow. _MG_8483.jpgAnyway, last week we attended her very first band concert and I couldn't be more proud! I didn't have high expectations since this was her first concert and remember watching a lot of Funniest Home Videos of concerts or plays and they, no offense, were atrocious.
_MG_8473.jpgThe band at this school was quite larger than I was expecting too. I'm not sure how many band students there are, but it was standing room only in the gym. My lens wasn't even wide enough to fit all the students in the photo.
_MG_8485.jpgTheir band teacher is the bald guy in case you were wondering. He shares the same name as my husband, spelling and all, but that's not what the students call him. They call him Mr. C.B.
_MG_8492.jpgNow for the proud mom moment. Being the newbie to the Advanced Band class she sits in the second chair as a trumpet player out of 16 other trumpeters. Thankfully, she didn't begin band class until this year because it was slightly painful to listen to the beginning band class play Hot Cross Buns while the 7th graders couldn't wait for them to play Jingle Bells knowing that they were up next. :)Sorry! I know, I know. The 6th graders just started playing for the first time in August, so really, they did a pretty great job. :)
This piece is called Ancient Voices. It was fantastic!
Now, this piece, The Pinnacle, was their finale. It was my favorite and I have to say it blew me away, and I think it sounded better than the 8th grade class! For the record, the 8th graders actually said the 7th graders sounded the best. :) Okay, I'm done with my proud mom moment now. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Rock Creek Farms

_MG_8314.jpgSince we didn't have a garden and grow pumpkins this year we decided to visit the local pumpkin patch to find some pumpkins.
_MG_8317.jpgThere were pumpkins everywhere. The displays were not nearly as cool as The Great Pumpkin Patch, however, there was plenty to do to keep the children running all afternoon.
_MG_8323.jpgThe clouds and mountains behind us looked just like a painting on a canvas.
_MG_8351.jpgI think we picked the perfect day because we had almost the entire place to ourselves. The children were able to run free!
_MG_8354.jpgDon't you just love the fun signs that pumpkin patches have so your heads have something to do?
_MG_8361.jpgHere's a scarecrow and her little pumpkin sister!
_MG_8369.jpgThere was even a petting zoo area, or rather and area in which to view the animals. There were signs that asked people not to touch them for fear that they may nibble some fingers off of small children.
_MG_8368.jpgThe cows were loud and chatty with us.
_MG_8387.jpgThey're on the run again!
_MG_8391.jpgJumpy castles were spotted and they weren't tired enough, so jumping in a pumpkin had to be done.
_MG_8409.jpg _MG_8402.jpg
The slide was also quite bouncy when bouncing as you slide down.
_MG_8375.jpgReena and her cuties joined us for a fun afternoon.
image image
Of course we couldn't leave without a few pumpkins, and if I'm going to buy pumpkins you can bet that I'm going to find the best pumpkin out there! Happy Reformation Day and Happy Halloween, too!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Park Day!

_MG_7951.jpgSince getting my point-and-shoot camera I rarely carry my big, heavy SLR around anymore, but I had a portrait session coming up and decided to wipe off the dust and practice a little when we headed to the park.
_MG_8037-Edit.jpgWe met up with friends old and new and had a blast!
_MG_7955.jpgThe sun was a scorcher, but it didn't slow anyone down.
_MG_7993.jpgNext to the playground is a little grassy area and pond where the geese like to graze.
_MG_7995.jpg _MG_7990.jpg
I asked Rachel to pose for me and she happily obliged_MG_8021.jpg
There were children everywhere. How do you keep track of them all?
_MG_8001-Edit.jpg _MG_7992-Edit.jpg
The light was quite lovely under this pergola, so naturally, I asked for some models._MG_8043-Edit.jpgMy goal, at the park, was to come home with tired children. I'll tell you now that I succeeded after they ran around all afternoon. ;)
_MG_8060-Edit.jpgJust before we left the children found the stage area and decided to sing Father Abraham. It was such a hoot to watch. They sang and danced until they couldn't stop laughing.